USA gets Jamaican-R...

USA gets Jamaican-Rooted VP  


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27/01/2021 8:25 pm  

Last week the United States swore in its first female Vice President. The novelty of this not only ceases there. The 49th Vice President, Kamala Harris, not only is a women, she is also a person of color to hold the position. Being the daughter of immigrants makes this more special. Her mother Isabel Shyamala Gopalan-Harris (PhD) from India and her father Donald Harris (PhD) a Stanford economist originally from St. Anns Parish. The daughter of Jamaica has now ascended to the second highest office in America, Jamaica's presence resounds even more on the global stage. Of course, this is not new as the power and dynamism of Jamaican Diaspora has a long track record of producing world leaders in all fields. The excellence that ensues from the stately realm of politics is no different. Names include former Secretary of State General Colin Powell who was the child of Jamaican immigrants to  and former Ambassador to the U.N. and National Security Advisor Susan Rice who's maternal grandparents were Jamaican. In the U.K. you have Members of Parliament like longtime MP Dianne Abbott ( former Shadow Home Secretary) and more recently Dawn Butler. Of course, neither of these previous accomplishments have been this close in the line of succession to their respective executive seats before.  



What are your thoughts on this momentous achievement in American politics?