April 19, 2021

T&T Re-opening?  


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05/05/2020 3:48 pm  

Trinidad and Tobago has set its sights on May 15th as the day to begin easing COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and possible open its borders. In an interview on April 25th, their Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said that his administration need's "a few more days of holding the fort…most of what we have experienced with this virus coming into our population, the vast majority came from persons who came into us from the outside."

He continued, "If we hold the course, we are likely, I can't promise you anything, I am not seeing anything, I am not influencing it, (but) I am simply saying if the outcome continues on the same trajectory, the curve that we are on now, by the ….15th of May, Trinidad and Tobago should be in a good position to look at a lot of what we have shut down. " 

May 10th is the magic date for further assessment, since the administration's original mandate expires on that day and gives everyone a full five days to examine the country's status. " To get a good result by the 10th of May requires we do what we have been doing" said Dr.Rowley. 

If done, they will be the first Caribbean nation to get their country back up nd running. According to a study conducted by Oxford University, they are ranked second in the world to Vietnam in meeting the preparedness qualifiers to open. This includes things like:

Controlling cases, testing/tracing and isolating, managing vulnerable populations, preventative measures in  workplaces, managing imported cases and community understanding. 


The country has recorded 116 cases of COVID-19 so far and 8 related deaths.


I think that someone has to take the first step in getting our societies back and functioning to what ever semblance of normalcy we can afford right now; as long as its gradual and calculated, with everyone continuing to do what we have been( social distancing, waring masks and regularly washing hands) as universally suggested by health officials. Although, I personally remain a little leery about opening the borders just yet. 

What do you guys think about that timetable? Do you think its to soon, perfect or finally after the world has overreacted to the designated Pandemic? 





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05/05/2020 5:54 pm  

They better be careful what they do...