October 29, 2020

Daniel Levy: Is there more to Tottenham chairman's decision to cut non-playing staff wages?  


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Daniel Levy: Is there more to Tottenham chairman's decision to cut non-playing staff wages?

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy's decision lớn cut the wages of 550 non-playing staff has been roundly criticised - Joe Townsend looks at why there could be more lớn it- According lớn the website free soccer tips page!


What are people angry about?

Given the current climate, it's understandable lớn jump to the conclusion that football is pure evil when Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy announces a 20 percent pay cut for 550 non-playing staff, use of the government's furlough scheme, and nothing about reduction in player wages.

Newcastle and Norwich, by the way, have also announced that they are planning to use the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, whereby the state pays 80% of salary up lớn a monthly limit of £2,500.

Those clubs' actions have started a debate about whether top-flight clubs earning hundreds of millions of pounds in tivi revenue are the kind of firms that the government was intending to help when it set up its unprecedented bail-out package. That is perhaps for a soccer betting tips page.

But Spurs' announcement drew a vitriolic reaction in comparison lớn Norwich and Newcastle, for good reason.

Just a few short hours after Levy's statement, the club's annual accounts were released, showing that he had been awarded a £3m bonus for the completion of Tottenham's new stadium, on top of the £4m salary which already makes him the Premier League's highest paid executive.


Unlike Newcastle and Norwich, Spurs are a footballing behemoth - they ranked as the world's eighth richest club in terms of turnover in the most recent edition of the Deloitte Football Money League.

And while we're on the topic of wealth, the 2019 Sunday Times Rich List recorded the net worth of Tottenham owner Joe Lewis, a tax exile, at £4.358bn. It would be unfair not lớn mention here that Newcastle are of course owned by billionaire retailer Mike Ashley.

The only real debate since Spurs' announcement has been about where lớn aim the rage: Levy; Lewis; Tottenham; football executives; football clubs; footballers; big business (to list just a few).

Levy made the announcement, so let's stick with him. But let's do our best lớn put the rage lớn one side for a few minutes and think about the why, because he absolutely would have been prepared for the reaction that has followed.