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2011vs 2017: Most C...

2011vs 2017: Most Controversial/Upset Prone World Championships?  


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19/05/2020 5:09 pm  

I want you think back to the previous decade we just left. All the great lows and highs and surprises that Athletics gave us. Specifically focusing on the championships during the odd number years, two stick out as ridiculously eventful:

2017 and 2011.



Does anyone remember the IAAF(now World Athletics) World Championships in Daegu and London?  The first and penultimate championship meets of the decade brought endless drama. Bolt's DQ in the 100m final, Carmelita Jeter upsetting SAFP and VCB in the Women's race, Dayron Robles getting DQ'd after impeding Liu Xiang in the 110.

 How about 2017, Bolt's first defeat in a final, Trini shocking the U.S. for 4x4 glory, or even Tori Bowie's lean to put USA women on top of the podium again. 

Both of these meets were full of shock and awe. The question is, which one had more? 


Let me jog your memories:




Bolt 100m False Start DQ. Blake wins.

Carmelita Jeter upsets reigning World & Olympic Champion Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce.  

Dayron Robles Impedes Liu Xiang in 110 hurdle Final, gets DQ'd after crossing line first. Jason Richardson leaves with Gold. 

LaShawn Merritt gets controversially let back into IAAF competition, but, loses to upstart Grenadian sprinter Kirani James in a narrow finish.

USA botches handoff in slapstick fashion, with Doc Patton colliding with British anchor and flips into neighboring lane in front of Trinidad and Tobago's Richard Thompson, impeding their race as well, as Jamaica lowers their own World Record.



Definitely one of Bolt's worst meets. Finally loses in a 100 m Final he finishes, coming in third to Americans Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman. To add insult injury, he pulls up during his anchor leg as Britain holds off the U.S. for the win. 

A big upset happened in the Women's 400 as the fastest women in the world and  Olympic champion Shaune Miller- Uibo stumbles at the end with Phyllis Francis taking advantage of the chaos defeating her and holding off a surging defending World Champion, Felix, and a young Nasser.

Turkish sprinter Ramil Guliyev shocked everyone with his 200m victory, besting the likes of Jareem Richards and 400m champion and WR holder Wayde Van Niekerk.

In the 3000 meter Steeplechase Americans Emma Coburn and Courtney Frerichs  upset the heavily favored Kenyans, going 1-2, respectively. Coburn finished in a Championship Record of 9:02.58. 

In the Men's 400, while things went mostly as expected, the year's world leader  Fred Kerley (fresh of the NCAA circuit) finished dead last, while Botswanan Issac Makwala did not start because of a norovirus outbreak in one of the athlete hotels and was quarantined from competing. 

Trinidad and Tobago possibly put the exclamation point on this incredible meet, with a come from behind victory in the 4x400m relay, as Lalonde Gordon passed American Fred Kerley coming off the final curve and held his position by about 3m to the finish. T&T won their first gold in this event in a World Leading time of 2:58.12.