What Do You Guys th...

What Do You Guys think of the IOC's Decision to Postpone the Tokyo Games Until 2021?  


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25/03/2020 5:10 pm  

Personally, I was hoping they could of moved to a later date in 2020( i.e. November). I understand the dramatic move and reasoning, it had to be moved if not outright cancelled regardless. Hopefully, athletes who were gaining momentum this season can carry that over or regain form in 2021. However, this will really hurt older athletes, those closer to retirement who can't afford to be losing entire seasons. 

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25/03/2020 9:58 pm  

Later date mean it wouldn't be Summer Olympics anymore...Give it a different name with that change.

Also, athletes one year older is not a big thing.

Jah Boss
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29/03/2020 3:43 am  

Let the sponsors lose the money, save the athletes lives.

The Olympics should always be about the participants, not the ones who look to profit(BIG) with non of those profits going to the ones who trained and toiled so they can get rich.


GREAT MOVE IOC.  Took you long enough to do the right thing.

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17/05/2020 2:43 pm  

i think its really sad but it had to be done.Im so disappointed though i was really looking to see Shelly- ann compete ,she was in the form of her life really running well,im just hoping it doesnt hurt her too much.i was aksi looking to see how Mr Noah Lyles would go about breaking the great one (Mr Usain Bolt's) record .I was so looking forward.my eyes are glued to upcoming events.