To Tokyo or Not to ...

To Tokyo or Not to Tokyo?  


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08/02/2021 10:56 pm  

The future of the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games remains uncertain. Already a year behind schedule, many continue to wonder whether at this point it would be prudent to go forward with the games at all. With Covid-19 still being a global factor, with more than a 100 million cases worldwide and several new regional variants of the virus emerging right now, its all up in the air.

Although many sports leagues around the world have reconvened since this virus reached pandemic status last March, with such a gargantuanly, intercontinental event like the Summer Games, with more than 15,000 athletes from nearly every country on Earth, the Olympics is obviously still an inherent risk for becoming a super-spreader event for the novel coronavirus that is responsible for 2.5 million deaths.

Unfortunately, money is still chatty; finance still possesses major sway in the decision process, especially since the IOC is heavily dependent upon these biennial spectacles (including the Winter Games). Three-quarters of its revenue are secured through broadcast rights. The Wall Street Journal reported that if the games are cancelled, $40 billion would be forfeited by Japan. Even if the games are held this year, but without fans, $30 billion dollars will be still be lost. 


As the 2021 continues to progress and we get closer to where we were in 2020, what do you think?

Should the IOC go to Tokyo or not? 

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11/02/2021 8:09 am  

My opinion, I think they should cancel the Olympic Games. Too many cases and with this uncertainties around the world right now. You may very well have an Olympic Games without many countries.

I don't think we should push for these games. 


Call off Tokyo 2021 games and lets move on.

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