Christopher Taylor wins silver at NACAC Champs 2021

Jamaica’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games bound Christopher Taylor won silver in the men’s 400m on Saturday’s (10 July) penultimate day of the NACAC U18, U20 and U23 Championships in Costa Rica.

Taylor, second in the senior men’s event at the Jamaica Olympic Trials, ran 46.58 seconds to finish behind Barbados’ Jonathan Jones, 46.20.

The former Calabar star was pleased with his performance. “It was really tough weather conditions today, but still happy to represent my country in the 400m finals at the NACAC U23 Championships.

“I am happy to have finished healthy and with a silver medal,” he wrote on social media.

Javier Brown, also of Jamaica, finished third in 47.54.

Charokee Young, who is also heading to the Tokyo Olympic Games, won the women’s U23 400m for Jamaica’s only victory over the distance. Young, who attends Texas A&M, ran 52.06 to beat St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Arkansas Shafiqua Maloney, 52.73.

Bahamians Javoyna Walcourt, 56.15 and Lacarthea Cooper, 56.53, were the top two finishers in the U18 400m final.

Rae-Anne Serville of Trinidad and Tobago ran 54.85 to win the U20 women 400m final. Delano Kennedy, 47.75, beat his Jamaican teammate Taj Hamm, 48.38 in the U18 boys’ final.

Jamaica’s Daszay Freeman won the women’s U23 100m hurdles in 13.80 ahead of Bahamians Chrisma Taylor, 13.88 and Sasha Wells, 13.94.
Ackera Nugent topped the women’s U20 two-athlete final in 13.64 ahead of Luisana Alonso of Costa Rica, 32.83.

In the U18 sprint hurdles, Jamaica finished 1-2 with Alexis James, 13.31 and Kerrica Hill, 13.68

Jamaica won the two sections of men’s sprint hurdles. Orlando Bennett won the U23 in 13.65 ahead of Cayman Islands’ Rasheem Brown, 14.06.
Andre Harris won the U18 final in 13.78 ahead of Otto Laing of Bahamas, 13.82.

Two Bahamian athletes, Antoine Andrews, 14.27 and Alton Roker, 15.26, took part in the U20 final.

Serena Cole, who was second in the U18 100m behind Tina Clayton, won the long jump final with 5.72 ahead of Valeria Fernandez of Guatemala, 5.63m.
Shantae Foreman of Jamaica took the U20 final with a 6.07m leap ahead of Maryangel Morales of Costa Rica, 5.00m.

Jamaica stand tall in the sprint relays at NACAC Champs

In the sprint relay finals, Jamaica with Serena Cole, Tina Clayton, Kerrica Hill and Alana Reid won the U18 final in 45.49 ahead of Bahamas, 47.27.

Oshane Blackwood, Orlando Wint, Alicke Cranston and Andre Harris also took Jamaica to the U18 boys’ victory in 40.60.

Antonio Watson, Christopher Taylor, Jevaughn Powell and Odaine Mcpherson carried Jamaica to the U23 victory in 42.07.


By Anthony Foster

Is a two-time Jamaica sports journalist of the year (2004 and 2005) and world-renowned journalist. One of his award-winning articles was on Usain Bolt, 6-time Olympic champion, 11-time World champion and sprint double record holder, was published in the Jamaica Gleaner in 2004. Anthony has covered Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016; Six (6) IAAF World Athletics Championships between 2007 and 2019 and several other international sporting events, including the 2007 World Cup of cricket and his favourite football team, Argentina vs the USA in 2004.

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  1. I will praise you in your down fall I will not only Jump for joy when your at the top.the same people who chear for you when you are in your Glory days its the same people who bash you and ready to tear you up like two dogs when they are fighting each other Taylor you can not please everyone are anyone most of them are Hypogreats they are with u today and gone leave you Tomorrow….jackass sey the world nuh level…..I will keep on praising you in your down fall your time and day will come and shine like a Diamond..see di Hypogreats dem a gallon deh…..yes deh one deh mi a chat who the cap fit let him are Her wear it….

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  3. All right, no-one else wants to say it. I’ll jump into the fire then. This young man was running low 45’s at 15 yrs. He should be mixing it up with Michael Norman, Steven Gardiner and the likes. He needs a whole new coaching set-up – coach, unit, environment – before it’s too late.

    1. Colin Ferdinand you perfectly right is not like he don’t ‘ve talent ! What is best days are behind him I don’t think so he got more trust me him doing exercise that’s not good for him for awhile now him need to change course.

    2. Nigel Panton He is a massive talent and still quite young. All the raw material is there. A new team can rebuild him from the ground up. He needs to do what Miller-Uibo did, move to a master coach and train with champion athletes. A talent like this should be doing sub-44.

    3. Colin Ferdinand I some what agree with you with the times that he’s clocking now. He has put on some body mass there which is maybe the reason why his times are not where he supposed to be as when he was 15 years old. He really needs strengthening and conditioning and that doesn’t means muscles mass because that shit is very hard to run with. Tighten up and shed the fat and him should be good.

  4. Gotta step his game up.if he wants to medal in the Olympics. 46 second is below the qualifying standards meaning everbody who has been in the Olympics finals since 40 years ago have ran sub 45 entering the Olympics.

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