LUBBOCK, Texas – Charokee Young won the women’s 800m Saturday’s final day of the Texas Tech Invitational, Friday (1 February).

Cherokee Young, formerly of Hydel, ran around the Sports Performance Complex track in 2:08.38 to take the victory. The Texas A&M freshman beat Alyssa Brewer, 2:08.56 and Bailey Goggans of Winners Edge, 2:09.71.

Young returned to help her team to second in the 4x400m relay. Texas A&M crossed the line in 3:33.42 behind USC, 3:32.87.

Isaiah Jewett of USC topped the men’s 800m in 1:47.93 over Carlton Orange of Texas A&M 1:47.93

Latavia Maines of Tennessee won the women’s shot put with 16.55m while Jordan West took the men’s event with 19.26m.

The women’s 200m title went to Anavia Battle of Ohio State in 22.86 ahead of Cambrea Sturgis of North Carolina, 23.10

Akeem Sirleaf of North Carolina took the men’s 200m in 20.90 ahead of Pjai Austin of Arizona, 21.00s.

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  1. Sorry, actually 3rd. If you multiply their average speed (Actual distance ran / time) by 800m, here’s heat#1 adjusted times:
    02:07.27 Bailey Goggans
    02:07.34 Alyssa Brewer
    02:07.77 Charokee Young
    02:10.73 Aziza Ayoub
    02:11.47 Annie Ubbing
    02:15.47 Jessica Gallardo

  2. Too bad for all that the officials botched the start of the women’s 800m. They started them on a one turn stagger instead of two so the outside lanes actually ran a farther distance. Adjusted, Charokee actually takes second. At least they corrected it for the men. Check the replay!


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