Briana Williams opens her 2021 season at the New Balance Grand Prix in New York, Staten Island on 13 February.

The world U20 sprint double champion from Tampere 2018 will contest the women’s 60m.

Williams’ coach Ato Boldon said his 18-year-old sprinter is ready. “She’s ready as she was last season,” he said.

“She opened in 7.2 and then started to get consistent at 7.1. I think she is a little bit ahead of last year. She is in better shape and is a little stronger,” Boldon was quoted by SportsMax saying.

Last year, this same time, Williams finished 3rd at the NYRR Millrose Games in New York.

In what would have been her season opener, Williams pulled out of the meet in the Bahamas in December.

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