Track and field legend Usain Bolt has poured cold water on Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver Tyreek Hill hopes of making it to Toyko 2020 Olympic Games.

Hill told reporters last month that after this football season, which his Kansas City chiefs team won, he would try out for USA’s Olympic team in the 200m.

“No, there’s no chance,” Bolt was quoted by NBC saying.

“A lot of people think it’s about one-off runs, but it’s rounds that really show who you are and the amount of work you do. So I think no, he wouldn’t make the team,” explained Bolt.

The 25-year-old Kansas City Chiefs receiver, who has not competed since the 2014 indoor season, has personal best times of 10.19 and 20.12 for 100m and 200m, set as a junior.

But the World’s Fastest Man believes it would be easier for him to play American football.

“I think my hands are good, and I know I’ve got the speed,” he said.

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  1. Tyreek Hill has posted excellent times and deserves to follow his dream, although it’s true the competition is very hot and the mechanics of sprinting are important to master. Still, he is sufficiently talented to have his dream and to pursue it. As has already been said, lacking success at the trials would not outweigh the value of things you learn about yourself. Mr. Hill, if you’ve got time and grit, go after it!

  2. This story has overstayed its time in the spotlight. I feel like this even became a story due to desperate Journalism at a very long NFL media day during Super Bowl Week! A reporter probably largely ignorant to the full nature of track & field, knew he ran track at high level in high school and since he is clearly the fastest player in the league, thought it would be a clever angle to ask him about ambitions to pursue athletics, especially since we have the Olympics coming up this year. They needed something to publish. This something has triggered the track & field community & has earned Hill unnecessary backlash. He was just responding to a media member’s question.


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