Sada Williams: First Barbadian Woman to Win Global Medal Honored at Home
Sada Williams: First Barbadian Woman to Win Global Medal Honored at Home

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – In a glittering ceremony coinciding with Barbados’ Independence Day celebrations, Sada Williams, a standout in the realm of track and field, was lavishly honored by her nation.

Sada Williams is the first Barbadian woman to win a global championship medal. She achieved back-to-back bronze medals in the 400 meters at the World Championships – a feat achieved first in Eugene, Oregon, in 2022 and then replicated in Budapest, Hungary, in 2023. This accomplishment uniquely positions her as the first Barbadian athlete to earn global medals consecutively.

Williams’ illustrious career also shines with a 400m victory at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, and a silver medal at the NACAC Championships in the same year.

Historic Achievements: Sada Williams Awarded for Global Track Success

Williams was awarded The Gold Trident of Excellence Award for her extraordinary achievements and dedicated service to Barbados. This accolade underscores the national pride and appreciation for her trailblazing contributions to athletics.

Reflecting on the honor, Williams expressed how meaningful it was to be appreciated by her homeland. Her success story, highlighted at the national honors ceremony, celebrates her individual achievements and marks a significant milestone in Barbadian sports history.

“I had the honor of receiving ‘The Gold Trident of Excellence’ (gold like my shoes) award in recognition of my outstanding achievements and dedicated service to my country.Thank you,” she shared on social media.

“Everybody going to know my full government name now, but look at my new title,” she added with a smiling emoji.

Miss Sada Amelia Wenel Williams, GTE (Gold Trident of Excellence)


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